Figure Permutation

by animus invidious & mobdividual

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animus took pieces and parts of recordings mobdividual made and built on them.

Audio Hardware Used
squier stratocaster S980102, crate bt50, crate vc508, boss gt-8, bbe 882i sonic maximizer, art tube mp preamp, mackie hr824 studio monitors

Midi Controllers Used
casio privia px-300, korg padkontrol, behringer bcr2000, logitech attack3 joystick

Software Used
ableton live 9 suite, max for live

Live/Max Plugins Used
ableton: analog, auto filter, auto pan, chorus, compressor, convolution reverb, drum rack, dynamic tube, erosion, eq eight, eq three, frequency shifter, gate, glue compressor, filter delay, lfo, limiter, looper, overdrive, operator, phaser, reverb, sampler, saturator, simple delay, simpler
afrodjmac: eq8 filters, misc. instruments
auralbee: ab looping delay
faint response: track stereo pan enabler
liltrybe: pitchbendautomation
performodule: airallel, biloficate, breepitate, chube, crispifier, crispycrunch, duber, exbandurator, flanjaser, fonephilter, fump, gramp, ionic space, noisify, tapeflange, thorus, tubecruncher, thumpmuncher, phlazanger, pmx-300 guitars
pluggo: chamberverb
robert henke: formantfilter, smoothvolume, stereo panner
zb: delaypan

VST Plugins Used (by developer)
alex hilton: a1 stereocontrol
auburn sounds: gfm psypan
audio assault/bedroom producers blog: filtercrusher
bbe: mach 3 bass
brainworx: cleansweep, cleansweep pro, megadual, refinement, saturator v2, shredspread, stereomaker
camel audio: alchemy
elysia: niveau
eventide: ultrachannel
gvst: gnormal
hornet: transistor
ignite amps: tpa-1
klanghelm: mjuc
lsr: tubenhance
native instruments: kontakt5, replika, supercharger
nebula: dig tremolo, state of logic md s, vintage eq1
noveltech: character
plug&mix: classic phaser, liguid air, tremolopan
psp: pianoverb2, triplemeter
shattered glass audio: code red
signaldust: dust eq, tila2
sknote: snap
sleepy-time: crosstalk2, transient
sonalksis: free g
sonimus: satson cm
tbproaudio: s tilt
thomas mundt: loudmax
tokyo dawn records: feedback compressor2, nova ge, proximity, slick eq ge
toneboosters: omnisone
u-he: protoverb, tyrel n6
vladgsound: molot, troll analog console
voxengo: boogex
waves: the king’s microphones, loair, reel adt


released October 27, 2016

mobdividual - guitars
animus invidious - processing, additional instrumentation


tags: experimental


all rights reserved


Animus Invidious Colorado

Animus makes music which will be popular 3,000 years in the future.

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